• Pastoral Search

    Pastoral Search

    In December 2016, Pastor Kevin McDonald and his family were sent from JCNaz to a new ministry assignment in California.  In consultation with our district …(more)

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  • Overcoming Discouragement in Ministry

    Overcoming Discouragement in Ministry

    If you serve in ministry long enough, you will deal with discouragement. It is not something that we like to talk about often, but it …(more)
  • The Rebirth of the Missional Movement

    The Rebirth of the Missional Movement

    For the entire course of my ministry I have felt guilty. I felt guilty my first five years of ministry when my ministry had no …(more)
  • 12 Keys to a Healthy Marriage

    12 Keys to a Healthy Marriage

    One of the things that I have noticed in my 8+ years of ministry is on the topic of marriage. It is obvious that marriage today …(more)
  • Servant Leadership

    Servant Leadership

    Leadership is an important topic in ministry today. How should a ministry leader lead his or her people? John Maxwell says that “everything rises and …(more)