Pastoral Search

In December 2016, Pastor Kevin McDonald and his family were sent from JCNaz to a new ministry assignment in California.  In consultation with our district superintendent, the church board has begun the search process for a new lead pastor for JCNaz.  The process the board is following is designed to allow the church to function smoothly in the pastoral interim, and to allow the ministries of the church to flourish.

The process the board is following, and our progress in fulfilling the process, is listed below.  This page will be updated regularly as the board works through the process:

√  1.  Saying goodbye to Pastor and family in December 2016.

√  2.  Establish Interim Arrangements

                        1.  Interim preaching by Jeremiah Wood, Church Plant Pastor

√  3.  Develop Church Profile

 1.  The Leadership Team will meet with the DS where they will assemble a profile of the church which will guide the process of matching our needs to a pastoral candidate.

√  4.  Identify Pastoral Candidates

 1.  Names of candidates will be provided by the DS from submitted applications to the open position or names submitted by the congregation or leadership team for consideration.

√  5.  Interview Process

                  1.  Finalists will be interviewed by the leadership team.

⇒  6.  Leadership Team Nominates a Candidate

   1.  A pastoral candidate accepted by 2/3 vote of the leadership team will be brought before the congregation to preach and meet the church.

⇒    7.  Congregation Votes

   1.  The congregation will vote on acceptance of the pastoral candidate and is approved by 2/3 vote in favor of the candidate.

⇒    8.  Response of the Candidate

   1.  Candidate is informed of congregation approval.  Leadership Team presents a compensation and benefits package to the candidate for response.  (If candidate does not accept, return to steps 4 & 5)

⇒    9.  Arrival of New Pastor

                   1.  New Pastor Arrives!


**Spend time in prayer for the Leadership Team and ask for the Lord’s guidance in seeking our new pastor

**Spend time in prayer for whoever will become the new Lead Pastor

**Express your thanks and appreciation for our staff as they faithfully serve during the interim

If you have questions or concerns about the process, please address them to a member of our elected Leadership Team.

Bill Connors

Craig Dibben

Shane Fairchild

Steve Hudson

Colin Kennedy

Dan Kirkpatrick

Karen Morris

Scott Rock

Darrell Rothfuss

Mark Shipman

Linda Teeter

Randy Tholstrup


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