Hello!  My name is Julie and this is my story!
I have grown up always knowing Jesus. In high school, about 17 years ago, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior at a Christian concert in the park. I can still picture that moment, crying tears of joy while my high school friend hugged me tight. Almost 6 years ago I became a widdow and a single mother. These past 5 years have tested my faith. I have delt with depression, anxiety, anger, overwhelming loneliness, pure despiration for affection, and all the emotions in between. I have also experienced great joy. It wasn’t until this past year that I felt the true peace of God, the peace that surpasses all earthly understanding. In the midst of the most trying moments, I became content in His plan for my life, no matter what that means, without wishing for more or less. I am asking God to strip away my earthly expectations and to leave only His peace on my heart. I am done living in the waiting and ready to live for today. 
Hello!  My name is Kelly and this is my story!
I prayed this whole past school year and the Holy Sprit was always with me. I want to be baptized because it will help me be nicer to others, help me teach others to be nice, and I will feel good. Jesus is not only in your heart but He is everywhere, even if you didn’t let him in yet. 
Hello!  My name is Gaige and this is my story!
I want to go to Heaven with Jesus. I want everyone to know that He is the most loving and caring of all time!
Hello!  My name is Brent and this is my story!
I want to go to Heaven and be loyal with Jesus. I want everyone to know that He is the most caring and loyal.
Hello!  My name is Aaron and this is my story!
Before accepting Jesus Christ as my Savoir, I was living life for myself and I wasn’t achieving my full potential as a person. I knew I wanted to become a better person I just wasn’t sure how. For my 18th birthday, my very special girlfriend Taylor Briggs, bought me a Bible and I attended a service to JCNaz with them. I was amazed at how everything that was covered in that service spoke to me! I knew then that this is what I needed. Since becoming a Christian, my life has had more meaning to me and I’ve been able to touch more people’s lives. I have the blueprint (God’s Word) to live a fulfilling and happy life and I intend on spreading His word and Love to others just as it was done for me!
Hello!  My name is Cassie and this is my story!
I was l lost soul, in need of saving, and redemption from my Lord and savior. My dad spoke of Jesus to me through out the years, one day I decided to get serious about my faith, and what it truly meant to be a follower. I remember picking up my bible one day in August of 2016, i havent put it down since. Ive been born again, body mind and spirit.
Hello!  My name is Harlen and this is my story!
When I was a junior in high school my aunt and uncle took me to a tent revival in a small town in Minn. and I excepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior but over the years I drew away farther and farther. I became very selfish thinking only of my self, not being a good husband. Thinking only of how much money I could earn. About 3 years ago my lift partner at the gym asked me if I went to church, I said sometimes. He suggested I go to JC Naz. I went and I will never leave. Two weeks ago I was invited to go to a men’s encounter in Salina. There were about 450 men praising the Lord in song and prayer, the Holy Spirit came in like a bolt of lighting I have never felt anything like it. That day I received the gift of forgiveness through Jesus. I opened my heart and received the Holy Spirit. After the encounter my wife said there is something different about you, I can’t put my finger on it but you have changed. I asked her for the good or bad, she said she is not sure give me time to get use to it. I am more at ease, my marriage is smoother and in the bible every day. 
Hello!  My name is Betsy and this is my story!
I have been a Christian since as long as I can remember (because my parents were Christian) and I was raised up in a Methodist church, and it was instilled in us as the only plan over our Life. My Sister and I went to church camp, youth groups, FCA, and even Mission Trips and I accepted Christ as my personal Savior at 17 years old and I at times felt as though I was checking the box walking through life as a luke warm Christian. I married and divorced and sought out the flesh more times than I care to count but always knew I was carried through the bad situations and relationships only by the grace of GOD and he had a bigger plan for my life!!! I was asked by my youngest son a few years ago, to get back involved in the Church and we went to JCNAZ way back when Pastor Jim Bond was the Pastor and this big beautiful building was just a vision and church planting was just a thought. And even then I was helping a little here and there but still going through the motions until one day I was asked to join a Life Group!! Truth be told I wasn’t even sure what Life Group meant but I wanted in!! Little did I know that 4 leaders later I would be the one asked to Lead it!! I didn’t know how to lead a Prayer but I had listened to Lindy, and Jennifer, and Amy and even Pastor Linda pray over our group for the needs of the women in it!! GOD’s Plan and His Life Group helped me through the worst Divorce ever just recently with manipulation and deception and infidelity and I was pushed by the positive role models in the group to volunteer with children and do more than I ever thought possible in my life! I have made some horrible decisions but JESUS’s blood has still been washed over me and made me clean of all of it and I am extremely thankful and know the process is not over yet!!! And If it is GOD’s will, the best is yet to come. God used the Life Group Ladies and  lead me to get out of my comfort zone and volunteer at Homeless Shelter, delivering turkey’s to shut in’s from a Church in KC, taking shoes to less fortunate children, face painting at Back to School Night, VBS crafts, Respite Nite, Caravans, and even serving Christmas Dinner to those that didn’t have a place to go!! Through GOD’s forgiveness and mercy I have started taking notes, sharing, and sending out to my friends that may not go to church so the word is given to them to help them through their week of trials! The fear of death was beginning to overcome my mind when I was going through my last divorce and I now am not fearful of where eternity will be for me!!
Hello!  My name is Caelie and this is my story!
I thought I didnt need to be saved to go to heaven. I thought simply living right would get me there. I thought I knew God but there were still things I was unsure of and I never felt quite whole. My mom became clean in 2009 and after 15 years of watching her be a drug addict. I finally believed in 2016 that she was serious. For 7 years my mom had been clean and found God again I watched how much better it made her. I confessed to her that I had never been saved and she wanted to help me get there so that she would see me in heaven. I asked Jesus Christ to become my savior on a Sunday morning like any other and I was in church. My husband and I had been going for a few months and something that day told me that I needed to stop questioning myself. Whatever it is I need to fix I cant do it until I have His help. I prayed to myself as pastor Mark gave us the words to say. I accepted God. He gave me that part that was still missing. It was Him and His love and I NEEDED IT. Since becoming saved everything is different. I’m whole and I know my purpose, I know God wants me to help others to him. I know without a doubt that one day I will go home. To my true home!
Hello!  My name is Delbert and this is my story!
I was born in a Christian home. I was baptized as a young teenager it was the thing to do but it did not really mean anything at all at the time. All the other teenagers in the church were doing it so it seemed like the right thing to do. I graduated from high school then joined the Navy, then after coming home I started a family and a career. I just put God on the back burner as I was going through the motions of building a career and raising a family. I now feel I need to rededicate my life to the Lord. Jesus has always been my personal Lord and savior but I have drifted away from him in the past. Jesus is now the center of my life day and night and I could not go without His presence. I love God with all my heart, mind, and soul. I feel I need to be baptized again. May God bestow all His blessings on me.
Hello!  My name is Kristina and this is my story!
Before 2018, I was an angry, bitter, sinful soul.  God used my husband to open my eyes and heart so I could be the woman he wanted me to be for my family. Since regularly attending JCNaz, I haven’t felt so much joy in my heart which is sad because I’m a mom of two.  But I was young and scared. I’ve been going to church since I was a baby so I knew about Jesus as a child.  But it wasn’t until I watched a live play around Easter that JCNaz presented.  Pastor Mark prayed with us while waiting for the shuttle and it was then that it hit me.  I had been so empty, longing for something and that something was Jesus.  I seriously love JCNaz and I keep falling more in love with Jesus. Today I have so much faith because I’ve witnessed a miracle in my own life.  I’m not scared to live life anymore.  I know that with God all things are possible and that he will always guide me.  
Hello!  My name is Lillian and this is my story!
My life has been a mess until September 16, 2018  at church.  I accepted God into my life.  My grandma and grandpa have been going to church, they have influenced me my whole life and my mom told me I had to go church.  Being at church with my friend, we both accepted God yesterday and it has been the most fun experience in my life.
Hello!  My name is Lillian and this is my story!
I felt hopeless, alone and very empty.  Like I didn’t have a purpose and that life wasn’t worth living.  My mom had been asking me to come to church and with all of the negative things going on in my life, I was doubting my faith and was upset with God.  I eventually hit such a low point.  I was told that God was the only one who could help. I was standing in my laundry room at 2:00 am one morning after I had just hit the lowest point in my marriage.  I cried to God and asked for forgiveness and to save me.  That was on September 10, 2018.  So, I decided to go back to church, instantly fell in love with JCNaz after one Wednesday during small group, felt the warmth inside me and decided it’s time to recommit myself to Christ, forever.  I want to learn so much about the Lord. Since I began following Jesus again, I have had this undying urge to pray about everything and to quote the Bible in my daily life.  I haven’t been able to not talk about God recently to my friends, even the non-believers.  I have so much more motivation and hope for my future as a Christian.
Hello!  My name is Alex and this is my story!
My life was good but I only got to see my mom on the weekends because of work but even then she would sleep in and be too tired to do anything.  I have 6 brothers, 2 sisters and 4 parents.  Ever since I have moved in with my dad I have gotten good grades and a good education.  I have a lot of non-Christian friends but my friendships with the people in my youth group are better than the ones at school.  I would lie a lot and steal from my parents.  One of my friends has to go to my stepmom and ask if what I’m saying is true.  Before I accepted Christ as my Savior, I did a lot of stupid stuff.  I took my anger out on myself instead of talking about it.  I have been bullied my whole life by people at school and siblings. God used my step-mom to show me what Christ did in their life.  My friends and their parents told me they became happier when they accepted Christ.  So, I decided I needed to do something about my life to forgive people who did horrible things to me.  I decided to accept Christ. When I took my first step into faith, my stepmom, Heather and I were talking about what her life looked like before and after she accepted Christ.  At that moment I said I need Him, I want Him in m life.  He has great things planned for me and I want to see those great things. My life has become whole.  I pray every day and when I really need to.  I pray to God for other people who are having a rough time.  Jesus has helped me make some tough decisions on what I should do instead of what not to do. A little over 3 years ago we were looking for a church and then we came upon JCNaz.  We were here for one Sunday and decided this is the one.  Then we met Sarabeth & Josh Pratt and their daughter, Stella.  Stella is my best friend.  I’m glad we came and  found JCNaz. My stepmom Heather, my dad, Pastor Kevin, Pastor Jeremiah, Pastor Sarah, Sarabeth & Josh Pratt, Pastor Eli, Tyrek Artley and my nana have been huge influences on my coming to Christ.
Hello!  My name is Mellodee and this is my story!
I walked away from the church twenty plus years ago.  I knew Jesus, I believed, but did not practice or walk in His path.  I’ve been the driver, he was the passenger! Ardette Blades has known me for five plus years and knows my struggles with family.  She has been asking me to attend her church for that long.  Then came Road to Calvary in 2017.  So I went and there on a hill, I watched the reenactment of Jesus’ cruxification.  I felt this emotion wash over me.  I heard Jesus’ words being said for the first time.  I felt him say to me, “I’m knocking, will you let me in?” I kept telling Ardette something happened. At the end I asked for prayer for forgiveness & salvation through Jesus and accepted Him.  For a long time I didn’t tell family or friends about it.  I needed to find out more.  I started going to JCNaz.  Here I have found a place, a home where I’ve asked God to guide me in what’s next and what & where do you need me.  I started attending a small group and volunteering in the children’s Sunday school. While learning His word, understanding how Jesus wants me to loves as his follower, I feel like a child wanting to know more.  I’m seeking to build a foundation on His word. I’m surrendering my life to follow Him.  Thank you Ardette for being a disciple to me.
Hello we are Zach & Courtney and this is our story!
Our family first attended JCNaz last December. We had just moved from Hawaii and didn’t really know anyone. I asked for church suggestions on a Facebook page and tons of people recommended JCNaz. We came to the service and it was actually their Christmas Play. It was amazing to see how many children were apart of the church. With a young daughter, it was exactly what we wanted to see. The people were so friendly and welcoming we instantly felt at home! JCNaz has changed our lives, we have learned so much and both grown in our relationship with Jesus Christ. The children’s ministry here is absolutely fantastic. When we first came our daughter was very shy and would not stay in her class without one of us with her but now she LOVES going to class! She will walk through the front doors and just take off running to her room. She always says how much fun she has when we pick her up. We can’t believe the change in her in such a short time. God is very present in this church. We believe He sent us here for a reason and we couldn’t be more thankful. To anyone looking for a church, we highly recommend you come give JCNaz a chance, this church has had such a huge impact on our family and we would love to see God give other families that same blessi
Hello I am Denver and this is my story!
I was Baptized when I was 14 but I really didn’t know what I was doing. I have lived a life of sin since then, treating people bad, cutting them with my tongue out of anger, lying, cheating, smoking, drinking, and drug use (mainly marijuana) through my adolescent and young adulthood years. I’ve been very fortunate over the last 10 or so years being able to stop a lot of these very addicting habits with the strength of my family and staying involved with my community but I was still struggling with anger issues from when things weren’t going my way in life which ultimately was hurting the ones I love the most. A little over 60 days ago, I went to church for the first time wanting to truly know God and our Lord Savior, Jesus Christ. I had been to church several times before this and had several friends talk about the power of God and Jesus but I was a lost soul trying to please myself instead of pleasing God. It was a couple of weeks after attending church (Psalm 23 week 3) when God humbled me and took me to my knees. I couldn’t resist his power but I still wasn’t communicating through prayer with him as I should and I was fighting demons inside of me every time I left the church. Then one night, in one of my darkest times, I was able to yell for the demons to leave me and I finally prayed to God and he answered my prayers the very next morning. It was a true testament of his power to me and for that, I will always be a believer. I know there’s a long road ahead of me but it feels really good knowing that through Jesus, his light will light the path even in the deepest, darkest valleys that I may travel. Looking back, I now know, it was God and Jesus Christ that has helped me grow from my sinful ways and will continue to help me. I want to “THANK GOD” and all of my family and friends for never giving up on me and on December 30th, I’m going to be Baptized again. This time I know why I’m doing it and for this, I give all Glory to God in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!
Hello I am Dorothy and this is my story!
Before I let Jesus Christ into my life I felt very lost and alone… I started my life’s journey holding hands with Christ. Then I found myself walking in the same direction as Christ, but not holding hands… Throughout my life I have always felt I was walking alone, with an emptiness inside. I now realize, through all my life’s struggles and answered prayers that Jesus has been knocking on the door of my heart and only I could let him in… I know that God has been with me every step of the way and He does forgive me and He loves me. Jesus has just been waiting for me to reach out and take his hand so that he can guide me along my path.
I feel that God is calling me to not only grow deeper in my faith, but to also do more as a result of that faith. I want to walk the path that God has chosen for me and follow the steps He has planned for me to fulfill His purpose. I feel God has always had a distinct purpose for me, and I believe that baptism is the next step on my journey to Him. I want to be baptized to show God that I accept Him and want to walk the rest of my days with Him, here on earth and in Heaven.