Did you Know? Nazarene churches all over the world collect Alabaster offerings.  These funds go exclusively to build churches and hospitals and parsonages in places where there aren’t local funds to provide those facilities.   Alabaster Boxes are boxes used to collect change throughout the year and given during the February and September collection times.  Some families collect change and cash it in periodically, saving it for the collection times and some give what they collect each month and mark their offering for Alabaster.  The Alabaster box is designed to collect change for building churches, parsonages and hospitals around the world.  It was gifts from the alabaster offerings given that allowed the Gorre Nazarene Church in Albania to be built as well as the home where Pastor Ermal and Nertila Gjermeni, along with their four children, live and minister to their village.  All of the money given to Alabaster goes directly to these building projects.