At the beginning of each New Year, the JC NAZ church family intentionally sets aside a season to seek
God together in prayer and fasting. The focus of our fast is simple: We want to know God more and
experience more of His power and presence in and through our daily lives. Scripture and history show
clearly that there are some things that will only happen when God’s people seek and call out to Him in
this way. January certainly isn’t the only time we can fast, yet there is something powerful about
seeking God together and putting Him and His purposes first in the New Year!
We are putting our trust in the God who promises, “See I’m doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do
you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” (Isaiah 43:19)
As we say “no” to our flesh and our craving for worldly things, we are freed up and better able
to say “yes” to the things God wants to say to us and the work He alone can do in us.
The most compelling reason to fast is because Jesus fasted! If Jesus found it necessary to
fast during his time on this earth to accomplish the work the Father had given Him, how much
more necessary is it for us! Jesus never commanded us to fast, He simply expected that as
His people we would incorporate this discipline into our lives. In Matthew 6, Jesus gives us a
powerful pattern to live by as a child of God. The pattern addressed three specific activities:
Giving, praying and fasting. Jesus said “When you give… (Matthew 6:2); “When you pray…
(Matthew 6:5); and “When you fast… (Matthew 6:16) Jesus made it clear that fasting, like
giving and praying, would be a regular part of our lives. Could we be missing some of God’s greatest breakthroughs because we ignore fasting?
The following are also common experiences that have led people to seek God in fasting and prayer
1. Are you in need of healing or a miracle?
2. Do you need to feel a renewal of God’s presence in your life?
3. Is there a dream inside of you that only He can make possible?
4. Are you in need of wisdom, guidance, strength, peace, etc?
5. Do you desire a deeper, more intimate relationship with the Lord?
6. Are you ready to have heightened sensitivity to the desires of God?
7. Do you need to experience freedom from sin that’s been holding you back?
8. Is there a friend or family member that needs salvation? 
9. Do you desire to know God’s purpose for your life?
There are many different ways that God’s people fasted in Scripture. Although there are other things
we can forgo in our lives (social media, tv, caffeine, etc) biblical fasting always had to do with
abstaining from food. Of course you will want take into consideration your own personal health and
circumstances. Fasting should never be dangerous or bring harm to you. Just remember, it is less
about the type or duration of the fast and more about your heart before God during the fast! We are
not trying to impress God or other people with our fast. If our hearts are pure before God, we can
experience God’s supernatural work in our lives during a one day fast just as much as a forty day fast.
Whether you are fasting for the first time or are more experienced with fasting, seek God and ask Him to lead you. Then step out in faith and watch what God will do!
Below are a few of the more common fasts in the Bible
Absolute Fast
The absolute fast is an extreme response to an extreme need or
circumstance. It should only be done for very short periods of time,
unless you are certain the Holy Spirit is leading you to do more. On
an absolute fast, you take in nothing – no food and no water.
A Complete Fast
The duration of a complete fast could range from part of a day to an
entire day to several days or weeks. In this fast, typically no food
would be eaten, although water is still consumed (and plenty of it!).
This was the most common in the scripture.
A Partial Fast
A partial fast can also vary in duration from part of a day to weeks.
While the complete fast abstains from all food for a time, a partial fast
abstains from certain foods or drinks for the time. The most well-
known partial fast in the Bible is known as the “Daniel Fast”. This
fast is based in Daniel 1 and 10 where we see Daniel limiting his diet
for 10 and 21 days respectively for the purpose of seeking God. Basically
this fast consists of eating only vegetables, fruits and water to drink.
A Non-Food Fast
For those of us with legitimate medical concerns, the non-food fast is
the best way to practice this spiritual discipline. In this fast you
could abstain from all social media, internet or television/entertainment,
phone, sugar, coffee/caffeine, etc for a specific period of time.
You will be amazed at how much more time you have to seek and
spend time with God without these distractions.
Even if you are doing a food fast, you may still want to consider
limiting or giving up your social media and entertainment intake
during that time.
Special encouragement for beginners:
Do not be intimidated or fearful to start a fast.
Don’t allow yourself to get bogged down in all the details or feel
you need to understand everything perfectly to begin.
If you have never fasted and are anxious about going without food,
start slow.
Begin with one day from sunrise to sunset.
You will be amazed at the impact even a one-day partial or
normal fast can have on your life and your relationship with
the Lord.
Just start and trust God to help you!
Monday, January 4th
Pray for spiritual growth and increased closeness with God during this time of Fasting
Tuesday, January 5th
Pray for your Spouse (or future spouse) (Pray Together if possible)
Wednesday, January 6th
Pray for your Children/Grandchildren
Thursday, January 7th
Pray over your house… Consecrate your home as a place where the Holy Spirit’s power and
presence are evident. Pray over your home as a family
Friday, January 8th
Pray for our Church to fulfill our Mission
“We exist to make Christ-like disciples who transform their world”
Saturday, January 9th
Pray for our Nation & Leadership, our City, our local Schools, our First Responders, and
Military Families
Sunday, January 10th
Pray for the fullness of God’s blessing on widows and orphans 
Monday, January 11th
Text/Call another church family member, ask how you can pray for them,
pray for them on the spot and throughout the day
Tuesday, January 12th
Pray for those your neighbors and friends who don’t know Jesus.
Look for a practical way to bless them!
Wednesday, January 13th
Pray for a heart to live missionally – Taking Personal Ownership in sharing the love and
kindness of Jesus with others wherever you are
Thursday, January 14th
Pray for God to give you opportunities to share Jesus with others 
Friday, January 15th
Pray, “Search me, O God, and know my heart: Test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if
there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” Ask for courage to be
obedient to anything God reveals.
Saturday, January 16th
Ask the Lord to break strongholds in our church, community, nation, and world. Pray with
power for the strongholds of human trafficking, pornography, addiction, corruption, suicide and
others to be demolished
Sunday, January 17th
Look at a World Map and Pray for the people groups to be open to the Gospel in specific
geographical locations. Pray specifically for the persecuted church.
Monday, January 18th
Pray for those whom you know are suffering – Mentally/Emotionally/Physically
Tuesday, January 19th
Pray for your Church Leadership – Wisdom/Vision/Inspiration/Encouragement/Protection
Wednesday, January 20th
Text/Call a family member, ask how you can pray for them, pray for them on the spot and
throughout the day
Thursday, January 21st
Pray that God would cause a spirit of generosity to rise up through our church and that our
church will have all necessary resources to accomplish our mission, both here at home and
around the world.
Friday, January 22nd
Pray for a renewed mind – Harmful thoughts be removed and replaced with Godly thoughts and
to refrain from sinful nature and desires
Saturday, January 23rd
Text/Call a neighbor/friend/co-worker (someone not attending JC NAZ), ask how you can pray
for them, pray for them on the spot and throughout the day
Sunday, January 24th
Pray for Revival. Pray for the power and presence of God’s Spirit to be poured out like rain on
His Church. Pray for a Great Awakening!