Anita Bloom:
I was born into a loving Christian family. I was even born into the Nazerene Church. I grew up at Nall Ave Church of the Nazarene., where I was a member until I was about 14. During that time I was baptized but more out of obligation.
I ran away from the church and from God, because it seemed like a lot of rules and regulations. I went to witchcraft and all that goes with that. I was in and out of relationships that failed and was dragging my kids right along with me. During this time, I was looking for something never sure what. I was watching TBN in the middle of the night and a comedian told his story and how God saved him. So, I started reading and studying and found what I was looking for. A relationship with my creator.
We were having family issues, and I felt like there was nothing left for me. I found myself wanting more. I started going to church and reading more and finding that it is not about rules and regulations, it’s about a relationship and freedom.
Now I talk to God like he is my best friend. (He is) and he talks to me. Usually through his word sometimes through people.
I came to JCNaz years ago. Because it was the closest Nazarene church to me, but everyone has treated me with love and I have grown to love everyone here as well. I cannot imagine life without my church family.