Authentic Small Group (men only)
Pastor Mark – Leader
I know…I know!  You don’t like small groups!  It’s ok, most men don’t.  Most men view small
groups as too touchy, feely and they don’t like to read books.  And yet the reality is WE ALL
NEED A BAND OF BROTHERS AROUND US.  We all need others to help watch our backs because
the battle we’re in is fierce at times.  We have a real enemy looking to destroy us, our families,
and our relationship with God!  And now more than ever we need true men of God to rise up
and take their place.  Truth be told, most men want a group like this to do life with, but just
aren’t sure how to get started.  
Space is limited to 10 men to join this brand-new small group forming this fall:  AUTHENTIC. 
And good news!!!  THERE IS FOOD INVOLVED! 
Please do not show up without first signing up for the group.