Cierra Coleman:
My life before Jesus was a dark and empty and hole in which I felt there was no way out! Until I met my best friend Haylie who brought me back into the church and that spark of love, happiness, and hope became real again!
My friend invited me back to the church for youth group in which I was reminded after a very long time God loves me through my darkness and he is the light at the end of every tunnel.
The moment I took my step-in faith and gave it all to Jesus Christ was when my mother had a stroke due to addiction and I prayed and prayed for that woman and she woke up and in that moment I knew my God was very much so real!
Since accepting Jesus back into my life, I have experienced many downs in which I have leaned on him and they don’t seem so down anymore! I’ve watched and felt God remove me and people who were no good for my path out of my life. I’ve even heard some prayers answered that I’ve prayed since I was a little girl!
My friend invited me, and God has used the worship team as a strong support system in understanding how Jesus wants me to live my life as well as youth group.