The Dollar Club is one more way we as a church share the love of God with others in a practical way!
By itself, a dollar won’t do much these days. It may buy some trinket at Dollar General,  piece of candy,
or a large pop from McDonald’s (almost….you still have to bum ten cents from someone!)
When you combine your dollar with that of the many people who worship at JC NAZ each week,
the impact is indescribable. Lives are changed. Hope is restored. It’s our prayer that our
united expression of kindness will help someone experience God’s love like never before!
How it works: Normally we will bring we encourage every person to bring $1 on the
last Sunday of each month. Just one dollar over your regular giving! If you have small children
in your family, we encourage you to offer a dollar for them as well!
Be watching for the video on our website where we do the big reveal of the
incredible recipient God has put on our heart!
If so, bring your dollar(s) to worship with you marked “JC NAZ DOLLAR CLUB” or
simply choose text or on-line giving!
Online giving is easy.
You can click on the link below, select the drop down menu, then select Dollar Club.