Pastor Mark came to JCNaz as lead pastor in October of 2017. Pastor Mark’s main role is to keep the church as a whole focused on fulfilling the church’s mission (“We exist to make Christ-like disciples who transform their world.”) He is the primary preaching/teaching pastor at JCNaz and is passionate about proclaiming God’s truth in clear, relevant (and fun) ways to help people understand and live out God’s word in their everyday lives.
About Mark:
I believe that living for and following Jesus is the most exciting adventure in the world!  I aim to use every possible means and take every opportunity to help others know this reality. I live by the conviction that there is no one so good they don’t need what Jesus offers and there is no one so messed up that they can’t be saved, forgiven and transformed by the power of our Savior.
My greatest blessings are my wife Amy, and our four children, Moriah, Adalynn, Makenna and Gabe. Amy and I were married in December of 1998 and she is one of my greatest encouragers and helpers in ministry and life.
I love anything outdoors — hunting, fishing, hiking, golfing, camping, etc. I also love a good cup of coffee (or three or four!) and hanging out with and building relationships with people – a great day involves both!
Facebook, Instagram: mark_hatcher75 or Twitter: @MarkAHatcher