What are we doing at JC Naz?
We support our local evangelism and discipleship efforts through sharing and giving for the local ministries happening. We, as a church, have adopted a local elementary school and are helping with various needs they have. We also, have helped provide clothing for the local school nurses to help various students with emergency needs.
International missions – Albania – we support three Nazarene Churches in Albania. Gorre, Lushnje, and Kolonia. Our connection has been through Whitney Peck serving with Operation Mobilization in Albania. She is currently serving in Tirana, Albania and working at teaching in the worship school there.  She has been involved in creating worship music in the Albanian language that has been recorded on Shtepia Records and is available on YouTube.


Andy and Judy Bennett have served as Nazarene Missionaries since 2002.  After 14 years at Nazarene Hospital in Papua New Guinea, they now serve the church as Medical Mission Coordinators, and currently reside in Nampa, Idaho.

Andy and Judy Bennett are commissioned missionaries in the Church of the Nazarene.  Andy is sometimes known as “Andrew Bennett, MD”, but he prefers to keep things informal most of the time.  Judy grew up in Alberta, Canada, and Andy grew up in several states in the northwest part of the US.  They have three children, Drew (Andrea and son Andy), Amy and Sam (Cheyenne).

The Bennetts became missionaries in mid-life; Andy had previously practiced Family Medicine in Montana and Washington.  They served at Nazarene Hospital in Papua New Guinea for 14 years before transitioning to their present positions.  They now serve with the Global Mission office of the Church of the Nazarene, working from their home in Nampa, Idaho.

The Bennetts’ ministry is to help refocus the church on medical missionary work through advising mission leadership about medical ministry and by identifying potential medical missionaries, and helping them along the path to missionary service.  They believe that ministry through health care is one of the most effective ways to spread the Gospel.  They have worked at the church’s hospital in Papua New Guinea, where thousands of men, women and children have come to faith in Christ.  They believe that just as medical ministry has been a central emphasis of Christian missions throughout history it is still effective today.  They desire to see opportunities created for Nazarene people who God is calling into medical missions all over the world.

The Bennetts want to be in communication with Nazarenes who are health-care professionals from all parts of the world, whether or not they feel called to cross-cultural missions.  They ask that any Nazarene health-care workers anywhere in the world contact them at abennett@ globalnaz.com.

The Bennetts need your prayers.  You can find specific prayer requests on their Facebook page, called “Nazarene Medical Missions” by searching on “NazMedMissions”.  If you don’t see up-to-date prayer requests there, you can always pray for both physical and spiritual strength for us; for wisdom as we try to inspire new medical ministries and new medical missionaries; for Nazarenes around the world as they reach out with Christ’s compassion to the sick, hurt, suffering and needy around them; and that He will guide our church leaders around the world as they consider the best ways to make Christlike disciples in their part of the world.

Compassionate Ministries Child Sponsorship – JC Naz is sponsoring a young lady from the Philippines named Erika. Anyone can sponsor a child for $30.00 per month. Our global goal is to have 20,000 children sponsored by 2020. We have a little over 11,000 now.
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