Zech & Sarah started attending JCNaz in 2019. Although only there for a short time, Zech knew that God had called him and his wife Sarah there for a specific reason. After meeting Pastor Mark, they discussed the similar vision God had given them for making Christ-like disciples who transform their world. It was apparent that God was aligning their paths so that they could help fulfill that vision in a unique way with the start up of The Table. The Table is a home-based church focusing on intentional fellowship and mentorship over dinner.
About Zech:
I’m currently in the United States Army serving as a Military Police Officer. I married my best friend since five years old, Sarah, in 2017. I enjoy the outdoors and spending quality time with others. I believe that intentionally adding value to others is one of the most fulfilling things God has called me to do while on earth. It is exciting to see what God is going to do as we reach out to our communities and embark on this journey with the DeVee’s in North Carolina!
About Sarah:
I was raised in Maumelle, Arkansas. I grew up in Agape Church, where I accepted salvation and met my future husband in the same year. At a young age, I was filled with the Holy Spirit. I began my first home-based small group when I was fifteen with three other girls. At twenty-one years old, my husband and I began a home-based dinner church with soldiers from his unit in Kansas. Now he is stationed in North Carolina and we are both excited to partner with the DeVee’s as we continue to see the goodness of God cover the lives of those who seek Him.