Online Small Group
Crystal Holzer – Leader
The Life You Long For by Christy Nockels
Motivated to please God, we often resort to hustle and achievement as we seek to follow him
and love others. We begin to find our worth in what we do. But God calls us to find our identity
in the quiet center of his love.  In this series you’ll learn how to step fully into the life you didn’t
even realize you’ve been seeking. Find your highest calling not in a duty to uphold but in a
beautiful identity to live out.
PRAY YET – A Study of Habakkuk by Dr. Mark Scott
Mark Scott gives us a glimpse into Habakkuk’s job description—preparing God’s people for
Babylonian captivity. Marks explains how we can maintain faith in God when the world seems
to be falling apart. The key to this faith for the people entering captivity is the same for us
today: to pray yet.
You can text any questions to Crystal Holzer at 785-307-2722.