On staff since July 2016.
Sarabeth serves as one of many Worship Leaders at Jcnaz. Being on staff, it is her job to plan services for Sunday morning, along with any other special service that may come up. Leading worship, and bringing up new worship leaders is the fun part of her job.
About Sarabeth:
I was born at Grand Forks ND Air Force base in December of 1985. My family moved to KS before I was one year old, so Manhattan and Junction City KS are “home” for me. I grew up, one of seven kids, home-schooled, in a loving two parent home. I was first involved on a worship team at age 6, as the “overhead girl”. I learned very early the importance of worshipping God, not just as a Sunday morning ritual, but as a daily lifestyle. I led worship for the first time at age 15, in youth group, and “big church” at age 16. I graduated from high school at 17 years old, and just recently began to further my education with an Undergrad at Liberty University, in Biblical Ministries.
I served as a worship leader in Manhattan KS in a Wesleyan church, and interned under the Creative Arts Director there for one year, after which I came to JCNaz as the Worship Director. I have a wonderful husband who serves in the US Army, as well as my Co Worship leader here at the Naz. We have three daughters, and one son. Our girls are Evellyn (8), Glenna (11), and Stella (13), and are also home-schooled. Our son Oliver is almost 1 year old, and adds about 30mins to EVERY task that we do! We are so grateful for everything God has given us, and cannot wait to see how He uses us in the near future!
Instagram: starchildforever