Road to Calvary

Outdoor dramatic presentation of the life of Christ

What is “Road to Calvary“:
You will feel that you have stepped back into time, to the days of Jesus’ life and ministry here on earth. We have tried to design the sets to be as authentic as possible. Road to Calvary is located on a church member’s property is perfectly situated in the telling the story. You will walk the “road” to Calvary.
What to expect:
On the evening of the performances people will arrive at JCNaz, 1025 S. Washington at the time indicated by their FREE ticket. After having refreshments of cookies and drinks at the church, the people will be gathered into groups of 20 or less and then be taken by vans to a church member’s home about 5 minutes away, for the outdoor dramatic presentation of the life of Christ. Each group will be led by a guide through a series of short skit-like scenes telling the Easter story. The skits are presented by the characters telling what happened after the fact. For example, we have two shepherds telling about the birth of Christ.
That being said, attendees need to be prepared for walking on rough surfaces and up inclines. We also do not know what the weather will be like, but it may require the wearing of light jackets, etc. So, be sure that you are prepared with good walking shoes and appropriate clothing.
Tickets are FREE and they can be reserved at HERE. *If tickets are sold out, you are welcome to come to the church and we will try to fit you into the first available showing! Overflow is first come first serve, we want every to see this life changing event!*