Sarah has been the Children’s Pastor at JCNaz since 2016. As a children’s pastor she works with children from infancy through sixth grade. Her main role is to manage and lead programs that minister to young children and their families, by way of activities, education and counseling. She is passionate about being real, pursuing God whole-heartedly, and sharing His Word. 
About Sarah
I am 1 part world’s greatest wife (at least on a good day), 1 part freakishly cool mother (just don’t ask the kids), 2 parts prayer warrior (my calloused knees can vouch for it), 2 parts servant (check out my time-card, or ask the family how few home-cooked meals they get), 1 part nerd (official definition of those who love to learn and like to get it from turning the pages of real life books), 1 part really creative prankster (probably not my best quality as it seems to get me in the most trouble). I am often talkative, occasionally sensitive, love to laugh, and I’m always up for a good cup of creamer with a touch of coffee.
I share 8 kids with my husband David, as well as a herd of beef cattle, a few ducks, chickens, cats, dogs, spitting llamas, and one lame goat. We reside on a little farm outside Herington, KS.