Baptism Testimonies

Hello!  My name is Dallas and this is my story!
Before I knew Jesus my life was all about fitting in. I was always focused on being in the in crowd. Pleasing myself and everyone else. I got into drugs, and sleeping around. My dad passed away when I was 19. Then my addictions got worse.
God put my son in my life and it changed me. Even though I wasn’t doing the right things, Gladys came into my life when Bryson was real young, about one. We both were going through stuff and she told me, “it would make me happy if you went to church with me.” So I did. We started going regularly and got involved. First class was New Believers with Bill and Paula. They loved on us and just were so excited about getting to know us. Started making friends and serving. Road to Calvary jump started that. I never wanted to be in that play! But it was one of the biggest blessings. That’s where I made real friends.
I took a couple steps at church speaking to Pastors about wanting to accept Jesus. But I never realized I never really changed much. Feb 1, 2019 I went to men’s encounter and God spoke to me. He broke me down and built me back up. He showed me His grace and taught me what it looked like to have a relationship with Him.
Since then I have grown so much. Control over my sins is way better. I have eliminated a lot of worldly things out of my life that I no longer need. They were distractions. I pray more and read more. I have fasted several times since then and I know I’m not suppose to boast but I’m proud to say I’ve read the whole Bible.
So many people here have poured out so much love into me. The littlest things people have done have touched my life. From teaching me to become a leader, always being able to talk or take me to dinner when I’m struggling, being a work out partner, calling me to stay in touch, getting me involved, taking me out to cut trees down, serving together, answering my tough questions. The love of Jesus is at JCNaz. Amazing people here.
Hello!  My name is Maria and this is my story!
Before I knew Jesus it was like something was always missing.
By having a better/closer relationship with God, I could help my kids know God.
I asked Jesus to become my Savior in December, 2017 at JCNaz. I was overcome with emotions to be saved.
Since becoming a Christian, I have a better relationship with my husband, kids and people in my life. I desire a closer relationship with our Lo
We were going through a dark night as a military family. My husband was invited by a stranger to JCNaz and we just knew it was God working through him.
I have been wanting to be baptized for some time now but I have always put it off. When my son, Luke express that he wanted to be baptized, he inspired me.