Hello!  My name is Joe and this is my story!
An endless quest for happiness. A huge hole in my life. My wife and I struggled to get through every day problems together. Always fighting about meaningless things. Feeling like I had no way of dealing with my PTSD just made me angry and I bottled up. Felt like I shouldn’t have to try this hard to be happy and have small results.
My wife found her faith first. I started attending church just to make her happy at first. Then we had a house fire and lost everything. The strangest thing happened, I used the word to cope with the situation. I found comfort in a few verses starting at Mathew 6:25. It all started to make sense. We get to start over.
I was at a Christian summer camp. I didn’t know my mom and my dad was never around because of his drinking. I went to this christian summer camp and it started my journey.
Life is life except now with meaningful intention. I have purpose, a mission that my whole family can be on. There isn’t anything that I can’t deal with knowing what was sacrificed for me. The bible is literally a guide to life and how to stop and listen to the most high. He will never lead you astray. And one day I can finally be home.
Easy answer, the attitude and atmosphere. Everyone being welcoming. The groups are amazing. The small groups for adults and kids. My daughter is even getting baptized!!!!!
Hello!  My name is Shane and this is my story!
Before I was selfish and self centered. I did anything that brought me instant gratification. I ended up getting heavily involved in drugs and alcohol at an early age. I didn’t have a care in the world. As time went on I stumbled deeper and deeper into addiction. I believed that there was no God because how could a God let myself live a life as broken as mine. Through the years I’ve overdosed a handful of times. I’ve lost jobs, homes, relationships, cars, my kids and myself included. I became financially, emotionally, morally and spiritually bankrupt. I ended doing all those things I told myself that I’d never do. I lied, stole, cheated, sold drugs, and became extremely violent at times. I did what ever it took to get that next drug. I been arrested numerous times and spent time in jails and institutions. I believed there was no God or hope in the world. I was a shell of a person. I just wanted to die.
A little over 3 years ago a friend asked me to come to church. She kept telling me about Pastor Kevin and how I could really get something out of his sermons. I decided to go one day. I thought she set me up because he spoke about if you want change in your life all you have to do is pray for the holly spirit to help guide you.
I still remember the day. I was laid back in my recliner after doing a large dose of drugs. I knew I needed to do something different in my life. I hated the person I had become. I closed my eyes and started praying for help. I prayed for the strength and guidance I needed to help me change my life. During that prayer I felt a calm presence come over me. Like something I’ve never felt before. The next day when I came to I called my mom and told her was tired of fighting and needed to go to rehab. The following week I was in treatment and my new life had begun
Today is totally different. I have a sense of inner peace, purpose, strength and guidance in my life. I have self respect and self worth today. I got everything back in my life that I had lost in my addiction plus some. There is a God. He was there the whole time. I was just just blinded by myself will to see it. Today I chose to live by God’s will. Do more for others than I do for myself. I’m able to spread hope in other people’s lives by working and helping with others that fight addiction too.
I was lead to JCNaz by a friend of mine. Thru coming to this church and listening to the message of God, I have found the desire to help other people find hope from addiction. I’m able to talk and share my experience with people in rehab centers, have started up and run recovery meetings. I am able to spread the message of Hope and Faith today.
Hello!  My name is Kraig and this is my story!
Life before accepting Jesus was just lacking. There was constantly a void within my heart. It always felt like something was missing.
My wife helped guide me to that missing link. She always had faith that my heart was not shut off to God and that I had it in my heart to accept Jesus. She was always patient during discussions and always led me in the right direction. We started attending church regularly and little did I know that God was molding me to accept Christ as my savior.
Although God was slowly turning my heart, it was one Sunday at JCNAZ when Pastor Mark invited anyone forward to say a prayer at the altar. This day God really spoke to me and I fully accepted Jesus within my heart and the importance of placing him first in my life.
Life has been that much brighter since fully devoting myself to Christ. The weight of life is more manageable and my priorities have shifted. God has shown me what is truly important as a follower of Christ, a husband, a father, a son, a brother, and even as a Soldier.
Shortly after moving to Kansas, my neighbor, Randy Quigley, invited my family to JCNAZ. Even though we knew God would guide us to the right Church, JCNAZ really exceeded our expectations. We received a very warm welcome since day 1, and have found a home within the JCNAZ community.
Hello!  My name is Adam and this is my story!
I was 10, so I went through the motions. June 14, 2000 at 6:45 I was at a church lock in and they asked us if we accepted Christ and it was my first choice on my own to accept him. This was not at my own church.
It was part of my upbringing and really brought to my attention by the lock in and the fellowship there.
I cried. I felt euphoria.
Phenomenal. I remember when life gets hard that Jesus has freed me from my sins and that I am free.
David and Heather DeVee offered me a chance to come with them. The first day that I showed up I was drunk and nobody judged me. My faith and the fellowship while being a Missouri Synod Lutheran is what encouraged me to grow in my relationship.
Hello!  My name is Linae and this is my story!
I had a lot of up’s and down’s in my life. One of them being gay.  It took me 8 years to come out to my family and friends.  And I was an alcoholic and I had 3 man marriages and they were not so great.  When I was 11 years old we had a family friend that had his way with me.  So as I got older I just had some times that I thought it would be best if I didn’t live so I tried killing myself and only because I went in to a big black hole.  So that’s why I turned to drinking and that didn’t help any, that just had me spending money I didn’t have.  The worst was that my 4th marriage is ending in a divorce so it’s like nothing I do matter’s if I could turn back time I would.  Sometimes I wish my dad was here but we lost him in 2019 and that didn’t help me either.  But with the help of my mother she is what has kept me going so if I didn’t have her I would be dead right now.  But I have 4 grandkids and I love them to the moon and back a whole lots of times so they keep me alive to.  Sunday, March 30th I walked into the church and I had this feeling coming over me that I was in the right place.  So on that day I had gotten the news that my 4th marriage was over.  I thought that I had done it right this time because I had come out that I was gay!
So, as I am standing there in church and just asked Jesus to take the wheel and he was pushing  me to the front of the church and on March 30th I gave myself to Jesus.
So, now I have to give my brother and sister-in-law a big AMEN.  They are the ones who helped bring me back into a relationship with God – AMEN!
So, it was Sunday, March 30th and something came over me and it was it was like Jesus was standing there saying to me, “Come I will help you.” Since becoming a follower of Jesus, I have been taking one day at a time and I can help my mother better to.  And I can feel Him all around me and it gives me great joy in knowing I don’t have to wonder about where I will spend eternity. AMEN.
Well, that was my brother, Merlin Jenkins, Jr.  He played a big part of me coming to be a part of JCNaz.  He helped me so much!  I din’t know what I would do without him.  So, I can’t tell him enough of how much I love him and Jesus and the huge influence on me coming to Christ.
I want to now live for Jesus forsaking my old life & live for Him.