Hello!  My name is Melanie and this is my story!

I was living just for the moment, not thinking of my eternity and where I would spend it. I constantly felt alone, even when there were people saying they were here for me. No one seemed to fill that void in my soul.

I had a really rough day in the middle of what felt like a really tough month. I went out for a drive to clear my head and to try and get myself together. As I was driving around the city I had passed this giant bright JC Naz sign. It was literally the only light around so the term light at the end of the tunnel rang especially true. I went in the next Sunday and immediately felt at home.

It was my first Sunday at JC Naz, November 10, 2019. It felt as though the message pastor mark was giving was sent directly to me. It was exactly what I needed to hear at that time. Like God was giving me a sign that I was in the right place. When he finished his sermon and asked if anyone wanted to accept Christ, I knew in my heart it was my time. I prayed with everyone and felt a sense of peace and relief.

Since becoming a Christian, I know I have Christ with me always. And that I will end up in heaven with my loved ones for eternity. It has been a rewarding, peaceful journey. And I can’t wait to see where else it takes me.

Hello!  My name is Laura and this is my story!
Life before accepting Jesus was breaking the law, doing drugs and no god.  I hit rock bottom and ended up in prison.  I decided to take a step of faith when I felt God/Jesus knocking on my heart and He told me “you are not worthless. I can overpower sin and flesh.”  Since I’ve become a follower of Jesus I am in His word and I am trying to spread the word of God and bring others to Him.
I believe God told me to come to JCNaz.  This church has given me more faith.